All too often we unconsciously push ourselves through life, the scales of balance become tipped and we try to cope by becoming numb, disconnecting emotionally or experiencing physical pain in our bodies. You can find peace thorough presence.

By becoming present to our thoughts, our emotions, our body and what those physical feelings are telling us, we can begin to heal.

It isn’t always easy. There are often buried emotions and buried thoughts that we often aren’t aware of and you must be willing to work honestly though the areas of discomfort and discontent.

As you navigate through the work you will emerge with more clarity. That’s where the exciting discoveries can begin to take shape! It doesn’t just end once you do the work, it is only beginning! You will learn how to continue doing the work in your life, but you can also begin connecting with your passions and creating the life you desire through more unique and exciting coaching techniques and tools.

I help women redefine themselves and their lives by guiding them toward more clarity, or building a new foundation and moving beyond the fear and limiting beliefs that hold them back from living life fully.

All experiences are here to teach us something about ourselves. The hardest experiences are often the ones that teach us the most.

Everybody comes to coaching from a different place. No two people are alike. We are all in different places of change, different phases in life and each of our paths lead different directions. I will always meet you exactly where you are at. The most lasting change occurs when we are ready to access our own inner motivation, when we are ready to hear our own inner voice.

Coaching allows you to go deeper, develop more awareness and hear those powerful messages that your body has just for you! It is my hope that through working together you will find emotional, physical and spiritual peace. You will feel hope and discover inspiration, empowerment and more balance in your life. You will achieve goals, despite what appear to be obstacles.

It is my desire that you will connect with your passions and heal your limiting thoughts that have prevented you from connecting fully with who you are meant to be at your deepest level… the you that has become hidden deep within.

Only then can you begin to live free from fear, full of life, connected more deeply to your own soul, your body and your senses. You will show up in life more “present,” despite struggles, obstacles and heartache. When you are your best self inside, you can create your best life.

When we become more present with ourselves, we become more present in our relationships and in the world. When we do our own work first and heal the internal we can then become a light to others and heal the external. When you find your beauty inside you will find the beauty around you.

Heal yourself and heal your world ….

Find Your Rhythm Again 


Christy is an amazing life coach who has a wealth of knowledge and is a fantastic listener. In my coaching session, she provided techniques and asked questions that helped me tap into my skills, talents, and abilities.

She also helped give me insight into how I could better focus my personal and professional goals in order to achieve my dreams. I highly recommend Christy if you desire to maximize your potential and need clarity in creating the life you deserve.


Christy is incredibly insightful, caring and compassionate. As a clinical health care provider with over 25 years of experience, I knew I was in for a top notch coaching experience and yet still, she exceeded my expectations. During our sessions together, she enabled me to look at my life holistically and focus down on areas that I wanted to improve.

She asked the right questions, challenged me when I needed to be challenged but always remained positive, allowing me to see things from a broader perspective.

Christy was such a breath of fresh air and I highly recommend working with her.


‘Marry Me’ Doesn’t Mean ‘I Love You’

In my book I will help you understand the cycle of violence, and the altered thought process of an abuser.

I will provide resources for you to start navigating your way out of the abusive relationship.

I will help you understand why you have thoughts of going back even though you know you should leave.

You will start to understand your feelings and very soon you will find new hope in your future …

You will move you from fear to empowerment.