Finding Your Way During Uncertain Times

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Heal Yourself & Heal Your World

No one should feel trapped in a life they don’t love, in a job they don’t like, a relationship that doesn’t feel good for you.  No one ever has to be a “victim” of circumstances.

Whether you want to redefine yourself and start over, or brighten up the life you have that already feels perfect for you, I will help you put color back in your world, light in your eyes and joy in your body by guiding you in finding your limiting beliefs, your true desires and discovering your essential self again.

Through unique coaching tools, thought work and Mind-Body tools I will hold that place for you and guide you in eliminating unconscious thoughts and patterns that are no longer useful to you.  You can heal old wounds, discover your unique gifts, and find your true path.

You have all the answers within you.   Together we will utilize tools and techniques that guide you through the process of learning to hear your own inner voice, your “essential self,”  by listening to what your thoughts, emotions, and body are telling you.

Relationship Abuse Assessment

As seen in ‘Marry Me’ Doesn’t Mean ‘I Love You’

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“Marry Me” Doesn’t Mean “I Love You”

In my book I will help you understand the cycle of violence, and the altered thought process of an abuser.

I will provide resources for you to start navigating your way out of the abusive relationship.

I will help you understand why you have thoughts of going back even though you know you should leave.

You will start to understand your feelings and very soon you will find new hope in your future …

You will move you from fear to empowerment.

Book Reviews

“This book is absolutely recommended for those seeking to  better understand the inside view of an abusive relationship… whether your own or someone else’s.”

“… it is deeply personal and full of real life fear, inspiration and perseverance.”

“Christy strikes a unique balance of wisdom and warmth as she educates and inspires…”